’60 Minutes’ report details progression of Alzheimer’s

NEW YORK (AP) – Filmed over 10 years, a “60 Minutes” report this weekend shows in startling detail the progression that Alzheimer’s disease takes on a patient. CBS medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook began interviewing Mike and Carol Daly of Staten Island, New York, in 2008, shortly after Carol learned of her diagnosis. She was mildly forgetful but functional, although upset at how it had affected her ability to cook, or enjoy books and movies. “I don’t want to be like this, I really don’t,” said Carol Daly, then 65. LaPook went back to the couple, who volunteered for the project, six more times. By this January, Carol Daly was uncommunicative and slumped in a wheelchair with restraints holding her in place.

Source: ’60 Minutes’ report details progression of Alzheimer’s

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