Choosing a health care professional just got easier

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Choosing a health care professional just got easier

Are you the kind of shopper who gathers information before making a purchase? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have the same kind of reliable information when choosing a health care professional?

Choosing a health care professional can be overwhelming. Physicians and facilities differ in the quality of care they provide. That’s why we’ve made it easier to use the information on our Physician Compare site by adding quality measures for group practices and, for the first time, individual health care professionals.

Compare websites are a valuable source of information about the quality of health care professionals and facilities. The new quality measures added to Physician Compare focus on the quality of care provided by Medicare physicians and other health care professionals, and include information like:

  • How well a group practice or individual health care professional provides some types of care to people with Medicare
  • Patients’ experiences with some physician group practices

Physician Compare includes a performance score for each measure, which is shown as stars and a percent. Each star represents 20%. The stars show how each group practice or individual health care professional performs on things like:

  • Getting flu or pneumonia shots
  • Screening for conditions like unhealthy weight, depression, high blood pressure, breast cancer, or colon or rectum cancer
  • Getting timely care, appointments, and information
  • Comparing new and old prescription medications
  • Communicating about your health care

The stars convey quality, so more stars are better. While the stars on Physician Compare aren’t used to rate or rank one group or individual health care professional compared to another, you can use the stars to evaluate the quality of care based on the measures that are important to you.

Physician Compare is designed to help you make informed health care decisions. We plan to continue to increase the number of quality measures on Physician Compare and include more tools to help you best understand and use this information. In 2017, we’re adding a 5-star quality rating based on a benchmark for each measure. This will allow you to more easily compare performance between groups and between individual health care professionals.

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Choosing a health care professional just got easier

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