Medicare Supplements Are Insurance

Changes to your Medicare benefits are over. The window has been closed for 2021. So, why are television channels inundated with suspicious claims that look too much like changes to your Medicare? The answer is simple. These advertisements have nothing to do with the Medicare program. They are supplemental insurance policies that cost you money.

That is never mentioned in the ads. To the contrary, the ads seem to imply that you are missing out on important programs, and if you call them, you will be getting all of the benefits you have been missing. That is not true. They are trying to sell you a supplemental program that insures you against the benefits that Medicare does not provide.

Wait a minute. The reason Medicare exists is that insurance companies refused to insure the elderly. So, why are they suddenly so excited about selling you insurance? You need to think about that when you start looking at these insurance policies.

Remember, this is not from Medicare. It is not part of the Medicare program. This is insurance. Nothing more. No one is trying to help you get more benefits. No one is looking out for your best interests. The insurance industry that refused to insure you because of your age is now trying to make a buck.

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